JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~

Business Events

You don't have to be Fortune 500 or even have the desire to be, we'll work together to produce the imagery you're looking for. 


Laura's Coffee Corner - White Rock, BC

Small Business

Are you trying to get your shop off the ground? Maybe you want to showcase the critical features of what services provide? Maybe just want to boost your exposure before the big opening? Let's talk...we'd love to be part of that journey.


Mark Gasparotto - Gasparotto Group - Ottawa, ON


Whether you're putting on a seminar,  hosting a film festival, coordinating a leadership retreat, we're as mobile as you are. We are prepared to mingle with the social crowd or simply be a fly on the wall in your working group. Is it a red carpet affair or do you need to capture the "grip & grin" moments when the awards are presented? We've got a wide range of equipment to be as near, far, overt or discreet as you require. Studio or on site headshots, absolutely. 


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator training - CFB Petawawa, ON

Government / Military

(WO) JT. Foulds CD is active military with over 20yrs experience working with will all trades and specialties in all environments from domestic to combat operations. All credentials are available, current and verifiable when required. All imagery is handled with exceptional care and all appropriate precautions are maintained to ensure that from the new recruit to tier 1, your personal or professional image protection is our prime directive.

From your regimental evening social or family day event...we've got you covered. Pre-deployment family photos, formal gala's, Christmas parties or combat camera coverage during your weekend paintball manoeuvres...we're there.