JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~

Event Coverage

This is the centre of what we do. Candid event photography is catching people as they are, in the moment, and that's exactly how we like to show them. Social, private, sports, corporate or even military events...this is what we love.


An event you're part of...

Fairs, sporting events, company training sessions, Christmas parties, etc...we've the high-speed gear to freeze that action as it is happening.


Tracking you in an event or even an adventure...

Retirement parties, concerts, festivals or expositions, multi-day adventures or a wedding around the world...we are global mobile and ready to roll.


Covering business/company/group events...


  • are fully insured;

  • employ secure servers;

  • practice effective digital transfers and when required;

  • will escalate the privacy of your images to our top priority.

Private, corporate, government and military coverage is all in our wheelhouse and, as active military, we are prepared to provide all required documentation to alleviate any concerns.

My Caribbean Cruise Adventure - 22 Dec 2016 - Day 5 - Sint Maarten - 117.JPG