JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~


Many images in the below galleries you will see in other areas, here is where they come together. Only a few of each full set, but enough to wet your whistle. From nature to weddings, family to events...a little of everything.

**NOTE** - For select government clients we can arrange a viewing of the military events we've covered over the years.


My Stairs - Where guests become friends

The light streams through the large bay windows and washes everyone beautifully. With the wooden stirs...that rustic accent is the perfect and I love it.

Remember that time you got your picture taken? It was really awkward, you felt out of place and if that wasn’t bad enough...the backdrop was. The only backdrops here are of the natural kind. If there’s no light Jay will make light. Jay’s not a poser and nor does he expect anyone to be. The best photos, are the candid photos. I almost forgot! No awkwardness!
— Sheri Foulds- EHS Manager - CANA Utilities and High Voltage

Favourite Portraits

We've a small fortune of portraits that we absolutely love...this is a small sampling of the standouts. 500px.com/manage/profile/portraits


The Mills Family - Pre-deployment Family Shoot - October 2014


Noē - Too cute for words - July 2015 - 500px.com/manage/profile/no-

If you are looking for professional quality photographs as well as warm, competent and flexible customer service, he’s the photographer for you.
— Sara Jane Friend McDonald - Noē's mother

The Shaver Family - Fall Smiles - October 2015



Portrait Week - Mar '16

Meaghan - Ginger Beauty - Mar 2016

Kyle - Old School Modern - Mar 2016 - 500px.com/manage/profile/kyle

In my opinion, Jay is a consummate professional who is honest (to the core) humble and passionate. He has a keen eye for composition that captures those quality special family moments or model looks for portfolios. Hardcore work ethic!
— Kyle Meery - Father and aspiring model

Erica - Music and Business - Mar 2016 - 500px.com/manage/profile/erica

The Meery's - Family Fun - May 2016

City in Motion.jpg


The McEachern Family Outing - A simple hike while catching up with an old friend...turns into a fun-filled family exposé - Aug 2017

The Ponewas Reveal Shoot - Some blue, some pink, some sonograms...a beautifully fun couple that found great pleasure in keeping people guessing - Aug 2017 - 500px.com/JT_Foulds/galleries/the-ponewas-reveal

Jay has pure talent & incredible ability to capture the shot that truly tells The Story. His eye for detail and skill with his equipment make him a first choice for any photography needs.
— Ashley Ponewas - Norwex Independant Sales Consultant

Gilbert | Dafoe Shoot - All kinds of fun...with a little bit of sass - Oct 2017 - 500px.com/JT_Foulds/galleries/gilbert-dafoe-family-shoot

The Amaral Family - Backyardigans - Oct '17


Virginia Beach - Feb 2018 - 500px.com/manage/profile/virginia-beach

Life Finds a Way.jpg

Allison and Gabby - Graduated Heartbreakers - Jun ‘18 - https://500px.com/jt_foulds/galleries/allison-gabby

Volunteer work for the Streetlight Theatre Company - Pembroke, Ontario, Canada - Rehearsal Day 1

Volunteer work for the Streetlight Theatre Company - Pembroke, Ontario, Canada - Rehearsal Day 2

Volunteer work for the Streetlight Theatre Company - Pembroke, Ontario, Canada - Headshots

This is usually reserved for the headliners only but I have a great deal of equipment for such a function. So, if they were ready, and willing, they also got their headshots.

The Adach Family - Fall Family Shoot - Oct ‘18

Keirstead_Orr Shoot - Jay - 26 Jun '18 - 07.JPG