JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~


02 Jul '16 - JT.Foulds©2016 - Photo by contracted intern photographer LL. Kavalchuk


It all started when…

One day I had a colleague ask me to shoot his wedding.

I got started in reconnaissance imagery years earlier and I'd worked with him gathering intelligence prior to his asking me. One day he mentioned I had imagery he liked and I started wondering if there was more to it. I've taken tens of thousands of images since then and now, every so often, I'll shoot a wedding.

If you've come to me/us for your wedding photography needs then there are the standard few reasons:

  1. You've seen our work and it fits with the end result you're looking for;

  2. You've waited longer than you should have and you've been told I can launch in a hurry; or

  3. You're short on cash and you've heard that I don't charge the standard arm'n'leg fees even though we honestly could.

The fact is, the last one happens more often than not as we don't tout ourselves as "Wedding Photographers...because we're not. What we are good at is event photography and because we're not registered wedding photographers, we don't charge those crazy prices even though we always bring our A-Game. So, before we do break down and register, you might want to make a move towards securing us before we raise the prices a bit.

What you can be assured of if you do hire us is:

  1. As stated, we always bring our A-Game. We've got exceptional equipment, we know how to prep and we're extremely personable;

  2. With our military background we're great at ensuring we've got all the bases covered. We'll coordinate with you and all the interested parties to ensure our shot list is solid, our shoot locations are beautiful and all the right people are being focussed on; 

  3. Wether you want only the digital imagery, a newlywed album, albums for the whole wedding party or canvas prints of specific imagery...we'll have you covered in a timely manner and exceptionally well priced; and finally

  4. Regardless of not being registered wedding photographers...we do hope our work speaks for itself. Please enjoy a few of our favourite images.


02 Jul '16 - JT.Foulds©2016 - Pembroke, ON - https://500px.com/JT_Foulds/galleries/halo-jean-wedding

We love to have humour in our imagery as much as those stronger emotions. We can do somber, romantic, fun...all candid. We'll place you here and there but we're not fans of "posing" our clients. A quick rundown on the theme, image we're going for...and action!

Fawning bride's maids, slightly unsettled younger maid...unimpressed sister...AWESOME!

02 Jul '16 - JT.Foulds©2016 - Pembroke, ON

Groom's men fawning over the stunning bride...check. Bride soaking it up...check. Unimpressed brother...double-check!!

02 Jul '16 - JT.Foulds©2016 - Photo by contracted intern photographer LL. Kavalchuk

Before every shoot we do, we study the modern and the classics for our imagery. Regardless of the event (wedding, sporting event, official gathering, etc), we'll study the angles, the outfits, the people, any previous imagery from that location...we'll get all the info we can. And in the case of the above image, the classics never go out of style.

Ensuring we get the wedding party on camera is the easy part. But the wedding party, is not the wedding. The guests, those helping out, those hired for specific functions...all coming together to make this special day even more so. Even the paparazzi family members that occasionally get in the way of shots...they are super fun to get on film. And you can be assured we'll have a digital file put together for all to enjoy as well!

Banfield-Walcott Wedding - 24 SEP 2016 - 068 - Let's Eat.JPG