JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~

Please enjoy some of our adventures around the world. While enjoying and reading, please click on each image for the full viewing pleasure. 

Local Traffic

04 Jul '13 - JT.Foulds©2013


Quite amusing…

A traffic jam in Sicily is far more picturesque than I'm used to.

Our bus driver found it quite amusing when we were so interested in what was going on. I had to explain that this is not a scene we're used to back in Canada. A very romantic and peaceful break to a busy day.

image (5).jpeg

We love nature and we do get around...

Amber Marbles

21 Sep '14 - JT.Foulds©2014


I had to try…

The late morning fall air was just cool enough that the sap weeping from the trees would solidify in mid flight...creating beautiful marbles of amber falling to the ground.

I was down at the Kingston Mills Water Locks (Ontario, Canada) to shoot some fall foliage and I was certainly not prepared to come across this scene. In that, I did not have the correct lens to properly capture such a magnificent phenomenon. But I had to try...


Red Roof

31 Jul '15 - JT.Foulds©2015


Dramatic skies…

I was on the roof of my building, waiting for the Blue Moon to make an appearance as I had decided to build some skill where capturing the moon is concerned. Certainly no easy task and as you can see by the skies in this image, the effort is less effective when the clouds make an appearance. 

That being said, dramatic skies and a brilliantly contrasting red roof do make for an interesting picture.

5I6A2541 (1).JPG

Algonquin Moose

18 May '16 - JT.Foulds©2016


Stopping to smell the…

I was conducting my standard A-to-B on the way to a photography workshop and I decided my route was going to be through the Algonquin Provincial Park. To be honest, I rarely take the time to stop and smell the roses when I actually have a destination. Which is quite ridiculous because I can always count about a dozen scenes en route that people would love to have me share with them.

This particular day I forced myself to take it slow and stop when that voice came to me. And here, a moment wasn't passing me by. I pulled over, shut my vehicle off and sat down on the side of the road. Now and then I would take a photo but for much of it, I just observed while being observed.

Turkeys - Algonguin National Park - 002.JPG

Frosty Sunday

11 Dec '16 - JT.Foulds©2016


A drive in the country…

In my bedroom I have very large and high windows. I choose to not cover the top foot of the window to allow me to see the trees and sky when I wake up in the mornings. This particular morning there was an exceptional hoarfrost coating the trees outside and my immediate thought...coffee and an adventure.

A drive in the country became a frosty short story as turn after turn I was met with immense beauty. Scenes so beautiful it nearly always evokes emotion.

Frosty Sunday -11 Dec 2016 - 001.JPG

Saba Island and Turtledove Cay

21 Dec 2016 -  JT.Foulds©2016


As our ship strolls into Saint Thomas …

You're not always going to be consistently greeted by scenes of beauty in your life and the more prepared you are to greet them, in this case...with a camera, the more you'll be able to capture the moment for all to see. At that point, best to follow up by putting the camera down and enjoy it.

My Caribbean Cruise Adventure - 23 Dec 2016 - Day 6 - Saint Kitts - 132.JPG

Macro Visitor

21 Dec '16 - JT.Foulds©2016


I was tying my shoe…

I love all kinds of animals and given they come in all sizes, I love that they keep me on my toes when choosing the right camera, lenses and settings.

I was tying my shoe during a trek through a Saint John (USVI) sugar plantation and this little critter came for a visit. I present the Pseudosphinx tetrio.

My Caribbean Cruise Adventure - 21 Dec 2016 - Day 4 - Saints Thomas and John - 101.JPG

The Life of a Stone

16 Jun '17 - JT.Foulds©2017 - 


All it touches…

The green, the softness, the nature growing on a seemingly inhospitable surface...I really am a fan. The colours and textures of moss...the way it accents all it touches.

Laurentian Trails Nature Hike - 27 Aug '17 - 014 (resize).jpg

Smelling the Flowers

15 Jul '17  -JT.Foulds©2017

15 Jul '17  -JT.Foulds©2017


For some reason, I was frozen…

As much as can be done, as some timelines are compressed, I will visit the site of my shoot prior to when a client will meet me. This day I was conducting a visit to multiple sites as the weather, potentially, wasn't going to be playing ball.

On this day I finally decided on Centennial Park in Petawawa, ON, Canada...as it is a favourite site of mine for a multitude of reasons. Not withstanding, the scene above that gave me pause. I was scanning the environment and when my eyes met these flowers, for some reason, I was frozen for quite some time before I decided to capture some images.

Shaver Family Shoot - Recce - 15 Jul '17 - 006.JPG

You Need This

25 Feb '18 - JT.Foulds©2018


Welcome to Virginia Beach…

Whether with the military or in general, I do tend to get around. I was in the US on a tasking but during this day off...I was fortunate to find myself at the beach and near a large pier. As you can see by this shot, I am a fan of the depth of field shots under piers that do seem to be everywhere. While I do have many shots of this scene with people, horses and even surfers...this shot does say to me..."Welcome to Virginia Beach".


Chewy Chews

17 Feb ‘19 - JT.Foulds©2018


Chewy likes to chew everything…

And being on a groomed winter trail, in roughly -40˚C is no exception. As with all dogs when they are engaged with the target of their affection…they are wiry and evasive to say the least. The only factors that makes this a clear shot on any level, the ambient lighting conditions…and the speed of my camera shutter. Because folks…this pup is super fast!

Winter Hike on the Gatineau Park Trails - 17 Feb '19 - 07.JPG


16 Jun ‘19 - JT.Foulds©2019


Remain open…

During this nature walk I was efforting to be more mindful of nature at all levels and I hope that this capture shows, if nothing else, that. If you’re looking to receive the beauty of nature, you must remain open to even the subtleness closer to your feet. I find, if you’re only looking for those moment at your level, then changing your level is all that is required.

Photo Walk - South March Highlands Conservation Forest - 16 Jun '19 - 10.JPG

Purple-flowered Raspberry

29 Jun ‘19 - JT. Foulds©2019


Along the Trails…

During a (4 hour) hike to the Eagles Nest viewpoint in Calabogie, there were many opportunities to take in the local flora and fauna. Now, you’ll have to appreciate that these moments could be stretched out but for one specific hinderance…biting insect. That being said, there’s along to be said for being able to dial in your camera light settings and your shutter speed whilst on the move. I had about 15 seconds (if that) to take this shot. Any more time spent trying to be stationary would surely be courting doom. Oh, bug spray you say? Some insects like the seasoning.

I hope you like the image as much as I do.

Calabogie Peaks Hike - Manitou Mountain - 29 Jun '19 - 06.JPG

Window Fly Macro

27 Jun ‘19 - JT.Foulds©2019


Beauty in the Macro…

I was heading to bed and closing the curtains when this little creature presented itself on my living room window. Naturally, for a great opportunity, sleep takes a back seat. I had recently purchased a macro lens and even to the date of this post…I have still yet to really learn its limits. There is beauty in the macro, and I can’t wait to capture it all.

Nature Hike - South March Highlands Conservation Forest - 02 Jun 19 - 02.JPG

Young Thistle

15 Jul ‘19 - JT.Foulds©2019


I love the greens…

It is no surprise to those who know me, I love the greens. In this case, a young thistle. While the image is soft on the edges, we’ve had these connected to our cloths from even a light brush against them. But in this macro setting, beautiful nonetheless.

Life at the Ottawa Arboretum - Arboretum, Ottawa - 15 Jul '19 - 08.JPG

Armor and Beauty

25 Aug ‘19 - JT.Foulds©2019


Macro pollinator…

If I could pin down one place I spend the most of my time, capturing nature photography, it would be the South March Highlands Conservation Forest, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. During this particular outing I was making an effort to head out early. The practice being, early means the air will be cooler, and the subjects a little more lethargic and uncaring of my intrusiveness. No matter how much I wish to convey myself as a guest, obviously this macro pollinator might wish to disagree.

Nature Hike - South March Highlands Conservation Forest - 25 Aug '19 - 003.JPG

Esquimalt Sunset

24 Sep ‘19 - JT.Foulds©2019


I do not have the skills…

While on the road for work, I did have a day to myself. During the day I captured some animales, some of the seascape, and a couple smaller images that caught my eye. But this image…I do not have the skills to bring forth what this scene felt like to me.

BC Beautiful - Esquimalt, BC - 24 Sep '19 - 04.JPG