JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~

Natural Settings

Where you are at peace...is where our imagery really shines. 

07 Aug '17 - JT.Foulds©2017

07 Aug '17 - JT.Foulds©2017

Where the elegance is...

She's a mother on the go, a real estate agent, a wife, a homemaker...the list is long as she's basically a super hero. But without a single minute of prep after walking in the door she sits to relax and I find I need my camera. If we get the opportunity, capturing you being you is what it's all about.


08 Aug '17 - JT.Foulds©2017

When images speak to us...

She is a triathlete, a sailing coach, a university student and with all that activity, in this moment, her peace in hardly deniable. This is one of the ways we enjoy capturing you. And there are different ways we can do that.

14 Mar '16 - JT.Foulds©2016

Au natural.

We work hard to get as natural a shot as possible. We don't do high fashion, we prefer to capture you as you. In most cases that will be minor adjustments of colour depth and contrast depending on your tastes, but you really won't end up with images that don't even feel like you.

08 Aug '17 - JT.Foulds©2017

Artistic filtering.

Occasionally, an image will speak to us and it's begging for something more...something artistic. Maybe an enhancement that was simple, maybe one that was dramatic and unexpected. We've a wide range of options and you'll certainly get to see them if we've gone that route. And don't be afraid to ask for more!

Click on the image below for an example of Emily's photographic experience.

Farmland Pembroke - 30 Jul '17 - 02.JPG