JT. Foulds Photography
JT. Foulds Photography
~There's beauty every time I turn my head...sometimes I have a camera~

Your Passions

There is hardly a better way for us to capture that inner glow than when you are displaying your true passion.


Your hidden you.

In your regular life, maybe you're one of the toughest soldiers around, maybe you're a cook in your day job, maybe you're naturally a work of art all on your own. Regardless of what you came for, we hope you'll bring something that shows who you are inside. When the time is right, we hope you will open up for our cameras and when we show you the imagery from that day...it's always our feeling that you can't even believe it's the same person. This is how we want you to see yourself...like meeting you for the first time.

24 Jul '16 - JT.Foulds©2016

Let your spirit fly.

Maybe everyone knows the adventurous rough & tumble you. With our cameras we'll do for you what you've been doing for everyone else...stop you in your tracks. Rider, soldier, biker, runner, fighter...we'll freeze that action for all time.

30 Oct '16 - JT.Foulds©2016

Your creativity.

Here, our young model is showcasing the Special FX makeup skills of a teen as she dreams of greatness. What skills do you have? How would you like us to bring that skill to the world? A ghostly image layered with post-production bulbs and texture? OK!

Laurentian Trails Nature Hike - 27 Aug '17 - 011.JPG